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Spotlight - Generation Z Programme

Our final spotlight feature to mark International Day of People with Disabilities, which was on Thursday 3 December.

Jude became a member of our Generation Z Young Leadership Programme last year.

The Generation Z programme designed for young people aged 14-17 who want to volunteer in football and give back to there club. 

Jude - Generation Z ProgrammeJude is 15 years old and has a passion for football, he started off at South Park Rangers Autism Centre in 2018 after being diagnosed with Autism and wanted to play football and ‘fit in’. He loved going to the centre and was asked to try out SPR Under 15’s football team to play competitively as he has come on leaps and bounds. He was then asked to become a coach for the development centre which he was over the mood with, he now helps every Saturday coaching the autism centres members. 

Jude’s knowledge of football in general is amazing and he watches it all the time.  He has attended some matches but sometimes fine these overwhelming but the love he has for the game is amazing. 

What was your drive to participate? 

I felt like I was part of a team and fitted in as people excepted me for who I was and not what I should be. 

What impact has the activity had on you?
I have more confidence. I felt like I belonged, and people treated me with respect. I hope to be able to coach football and gain qualifications in this subject in further education after I have done my GCSE’s. 

We asked his coach to comment on the progress Jude has made and he said:
Jude began with us as a player when we first started up, he was a young man who the coaches could see had potential not only as a footballer but also as a coach as he instantly began to help the younger players. Jude continued to grow every week and it became apparent to the coaches that he maybe ready to move onto a mainstream team. After this, coaches decided to offer Jude the chance to be a coach in the Autism Centre and this completed the circle. He also became a member of the Generation Z programme, where he can earn rewards for his coaching, as well as receive support from North Riding. 

He is now a confident young man and one that a lot of players look up to as he has been where they are now!

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