Referee Support

Refereeing Support

NRCFA Referee Development Team

Over the past few months, we have finalised and introduced our new ‘Referee Development Team’ in order that we can fully support all areas of Refereeing within North Riding FA.

We are delighted to confirm the following key roles within the team;

NRCFA Referee Development Manager: Ross Joyce

NRCFA Head of Referee Education: Ian Blanchard

NRCFA Head of Training & Development: David Avent

NRCFA Head of Referee Development Group: Chris Keightley

NRCFA Head of Referee Mentoring: James Unwin

NRCFA North Adult Appointments Officer: Paul Stalker

NRCFA South Adult Appointments Officer: Colin Atkinson

NRCFA North Referee Observer Coordinator: Paul Stalker

NRCFA South Referee Observer Coordinator: Geoff Hartley

NRCFA Centre of Referee Excellence (CORE) Coaches

Andy Himsworth

Geoff Hartley

David Avent

Paul Stalker

Steve Rowntree

NRCFA Referee Development Group (RDG) Coaches

George Moore

George Roberts

Dane McCarrick

David King

David Holmes

Get in Touch 

Ross Joyce

Referee Development Manager

01642 717779

9am - 5pm  Monday to Friday