Paris Cup 2019 Referees Step Up Preparation

North Riding FA referees who have been selected to officiate the Paris Cup in July continued to prime themselves for the tournament with a Preparation Evening at Kader FC on Thursday 23 May. 

With just over six weeks remaining until Vladimir Mollov, Tommy Brown and Macauley Gibson all travel over to the French capital, the trio took part in practical and technical work with Referee Coach, Andy Himsworth. 

Specifically, the three undertook an outdoor session revolving around dynamic decision making. This involved them making a series of 10-20 and 30 metre sprints with a refereeing signal or decision at the end. This was intended to test their stamina and thinking under pressure.  Referee

There was then an Assistant Referee workshop to evaluate their teamwork and signalling together in different scenarios such as the ball going out of play, free kicks and corners and also goal kick decisions. 

Finally, an indoor technical session was run based on effective communication in order to assist the trio in translating their decisions using body language and signals when abroad, as well as a discussion on any further preparation or equipment that was needed. 

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