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Small Sided Football

Small Sided Football is the most popular and fastest growing area of adult football.

With over 1.5m adults playing Small Sided Football every week and with 30,000 teams playing in organised and competitive small sided leagues across the country, this format of football has increasingly become an integral part of the football family.

North Riding FA recognises the important role that Small Sided Football plays in encouraging people to continue playing football and enjoying all aspects of the beautiful game.

Across the country there is a significant number of affiliated small sided teams. This figure is continuing to grow and expand at a rapid rate and it is anticipated that the number of small sided football teams will overtake the number of adult male 11 v 11 teams.

Small sided football is identified in the National Game Strategy as one of The FA’s key growth targets for adult football. The popularity of this format of football is a reaction to changing work and leisure patterns and a move towards ‘pay and play’ football.

The Laws of Small Sided Football have been revised for the benefit to players and referees. The FA encourages all small sided football centres to adopt these uniform Laws.

Indoors? Outdoors? Wherever you are in the county, the chance to play small sided football isn't far away. To find a venue near you, check out some of the FA affiliated providers of small sided football.

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