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FA Disability Dispensation Request

Changes to our Dispensation Application Process

What is Player Dispensation?

Player Dispensation enables children with a disability, Significant Physical Development Delay (SPDD), or who are schooled no more than one year behind the age group prescribed by their date of birth (their “prescribed age group”) to play football outside of their prescribed age group. 

In the past all applications have been made manually through downloading a form and submitting this alongside evidence to the equality mailbox. The key change to the 2023/2024 season is that all applications will now be made through our online portal - https://myaccount.thefa.com/

Please share these changes with parents and carers wishing to apply for the upcoming season.

Player Dispensation – Starting an Application: 

The journey for dispensation starts from myaccount.thefa.com, where a parent or the carer can request dispensation on their children’s behalf. Once the parent has logged into My Account with valid credentials, the parent/carer would need to click on the individual account linked to their child to access the dispensation link (highlighted in green rectangular box). 


Please note, parents/carers will be logging in or creating an account as a parent/carer (not as a child). 

Scrolling on the child’s account page, the dispensation links are placed below the Playing details section and above the Memberships section.


1. Dispensation Guidelines – This will direct the parent / carer to the Dispensation guidelines as prescribed by the FA. 
2. Application Dashboard – The parent / carer can view or edit an existing dispensation application submitted for approval

FAQs to support parents through the process can be found here

Any questions please email: equality@thefa.com