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Aircon Group Proud to Support Local Grassroots Football

But what's the link between air conditioning and football?

Aircon Group are proud to support grassroots football in partnership with North Riding County Football Association, but what’s the link between air conditioning and football?

Grassroots football plays a huge role in bringing communities together, promotes physical activity and provides opportunities for people of all ages to get together. One cold Sunday morning Aircon Groups managing director, Steve Farrell was asked to take his grandsons to football practice, Steve and his wife sat in the café with the other parents and grandparents.

Football coaches, who are more often volunteers at grassroots clubs, nurture young talent, they instill
values such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and discipline which benefit young people both on and off the pitch. Steve understands the need for values, he promotes these to his employees, they play a vital role in his own business.

Whilst sat in the café, Steve noticed three electric fan heaters under the seats which were supposed to be heating the room but feeling the cold, he knew they were costly to run for a club with limited funds and rising energy costs, they would have been switched on sometime before football practice to take the chill off the room and they aren’t effective in moving the heat around the whole room.

Steve offered to install a split system in the café area in the clubhouse, a split unit heats in the winter and cools in the summer. The three electric fan heaters were 2kW each, so the Aircon Group installed a 6kW Mitsubishi Electric AP Wall Mounted system.

  • At 7 Degrees Celsius ambient temperature the club are now getting 6.8kW of heating output for 1.67kW of electric input power.
  • At 7 Degrees Celsius ambient temperature, they’ve gone from 6kW of heat to 6.8kW (13.34% increase)
  • They are now using 72.17% less electricity and once the unit is modulating it should be on average 86.67% less electricity usage as it ticks over.

Steve’s son James, a design and contracts manager at Aircon Group and grassroots football coach, set a weekly timer on the controller as these fantastic units now come as standard with Wi-Fi integration, operators of the football club can now sign-in on an App via their mobile or tablet and adjust the settings depending on the weather before they even leave home.

This summer the football club organised a summer fair, the sun was shining, and the weather was hot!

The staff and volunteers in the café were able to put the air conditioning on to cooling mode and saw an increase in revenue as visitors to the fair flocked to the café to keep cool.

Speaking about the partnership Steven Wade said: “We are delighted to announce this new partnership with Aircon Group. Here at North Riding FA, we strive to build solid relationships with partners who hold the same values as ourselves, and Aircon Group’s commitment to excellent service aligns well with our ongoing work and long-term ambitions as a County FA. We thank Aircon for their willingness to help our grassroots community."

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