For Footy's Sake

North Riding FA Launch Anti-Discrimination Campaign

Introducing For Footy's Sake.

In an effort to highlight and address incidents of discriminatory behaviour in grassroots football, North Riding FA has today launched a new campaign titled ‘For Footy’s Sake!’

Football is a game to be enjoyed by all. Sadly, however, throughout a season we often see and hear reports of discriminatory behaviour on the pitch and on the sidelines.

For Footy's SakeAs part of ‘For Footy’s Sake’, North Riding FA is calling upon the local grassroots football community to join together and tackle this issue together. Everyone involved in grassroots football does it for the love of the game – and despite us all being different, we are also the same. Football is everyone’s game. 

‘For Footy’s Sake’ will help clubs and leagues spell out clearly that anti-social behaviour is not acceptable within grassroots football. A resource pack will available for clubs to download very soon and we encourage clubs to display the downloadable posters and post the social media graphics on their own channels to spread the message.  

North Riding FA Chief Executive Officer, Steven Wade, said: “While the vast majority of people participate in grassroots football in the spirit it is intended, a minority of people are letting the side down with insulting, abusive and threatening behaviour. North Riding FA will not accept, nor tolerate, discriminative behaviour and we will continue to work with and support our respective Clubs, Leagues and Match Officials to ensure that anybody who is responsible for any misconduct is dealt with appropriately. Football is a game for everyone and we must keep it that way.”


Everybody involved in grassroots football should be aware that anti-social behaviour has consequences – and we strongly encourage anybody who witnesses an incident to report it to North Riding FA on the link below. 


If you would like to support these messages with promotion through your own channels, please download the asset pack below – inclusive of posters, videos, social media graphics and email signatures.

Thank you in advance for your support.