World Cup Fundraising with the BHF

North Riding FA are supporting the British Heart Foundation World Cup Kick Off Fundraiser

Kick it off and do your thing! 
What’s your thing? Maybe you manage Sunday league or have a school football team. Perhaps you show the football to your community, you have a party trick or you can organise a World Cup party? Make a list of everything you can do. From the everyday stuff like getting together with your friends and family to your place at work. Really let your imagination run wild. Put down everything and anything you can do, even if you can’t do it brilliantly. You can pick and choose later on.

Turn your ideas into clever fundraising 
Have a think about how much money you would like to raise for the British Heart Foundation (BHF). Then take a look at your list of ideas and think about which ones could help you to reach that target. Which would be easy to organise, but would bring in the money? Which ones do you think will appeal most to your friends, family, members, pupils or colleagues? Which could you turn into a sponsored event or challenge? Perhaps people could join in with some ideas, and you could raise more money as a group. Before you know it, you’ll have decided on something brilliant! But if you’re in need of a bit of extra inspiration, take a look at here.

Spaces, places and times 
Think about where the best place would be for your fundraising. Maybe you already know a suitable venue, such as your clubhouse, office or school? Or maybe you could ask to use a local park or football ground. Now think about when you would do it. Maybe it would be better to raise money on a weekend, so that more people can get involved? Whatever you decide, it’s a good idea to check that other events aren’t happening at the same time before you set the date. Remember the World Cup kicks off on November 21st. 

Get others involved 
Ask if your friends and family would like to help. Make a list of things that they could join in with, to help you make your fundraising as successful as possible. They could help with sharing your fundraiser through their networks or with seeking raffle prizes. You also might want to approach local businesses, as they may be able to provide you with sponsorship or donations.

Tell the world why you’re fundraising 
It’s really important that people know why you’re raising money for the BHF, so it will be useful to know as much about us as you can. Maybe you have a personal reason for fundraising that you’d also like to share. If people know where their money is going, and why, they’ll be much happier to donate. You’ll find some helpful information in the guide below about what the money you raise will help to pay for. Then all you have to do is tell people about what you’re doing by email, on Facebook or an online fundraising page (you can set one up at JustGiving, which provides an easy way to share updates with friends family and other supporters). 

Fundraising Ideas


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