Guide to Club Structures.

A Guide to Club Structures

The guide can be downloaded in full below

This FA Guide has been prepared in response to requests by clubs for basic guidance in relation to the governance and operation of their club.

In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic led many clubs to re-think how they operate their club and, in particular, whether their current legal structure adequately protects those responsible for management of the club. 

Some of the questions we have been asked recently include: What types of legal structure can a club adopt? What difference does a club’s tax status make? Could I be held personally liable if I accept a position on the Management Committee? 

This guide weighs up some of the commonly recognised advantages and disadvantages of each type of structure, which a club could adopt. It also sets out in broad terms what a club should do ‘step by step’ if it wishes to set itself up as, or convert into, a limited company (a process known as ‘incorporation’).