Yellow Armband

We Support NRCFA Referees

Play your part in supporting the Yellow Armband campaign

North Riding County FA is encouraging its affiliated clubs to support the Yellow Armband Respect campaign ahead of the 2021/22 season, with various promotional posters now available to download and display at your facilities.

Originally launched ahead of the 2019/20 season, the Yellow Armband Respect initiative was introduced for all referees under the age of 18 to remind everyone that the referee is still subject to the children’s safeguarding legislation – and should therefore be protected, encouraged and treated with the utmost respect.

The scheme was well received by huge numbers of people and many referees reported benefits of wearing the armband on a matchday.

According to our Referee Youth Voice consultation back in March, 86% of U18 official wear their yellow armband and some feedback provided to us included:

“The spectators are much less rowdy and the managers respect your decisions more.”

“I feel that it makes people think twice before saying anything to you.”

“I wear it because it means people can see that I’m a younger referee.”

Ross Joyce, North Riding FA Referee Development Manager, added: “Nearly 45% of our current registered referees in North Riding are under the age of 18. It is vitally important that they are supported and allowed to do their job. 

"We have to understand that referees will make mistakes just like the young players they are refereeing – this is all part of their development and I would ask that all managers, coaches, parents and spectators respect this. If anyone has an issue with a young referee, they should contact the County FA direct and not take issue with the referee directly.

“The support of our affiliated clubs is hugely important in this area so I encourage you all to download, print, display and share the posters below to help spread the message we are trying to promote. Your support is very much appreciated by us all at North Riding FA.”

To join the conversation online, please use the hashtag: #WeSupportNRCFAReferees


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