Generation Football Young Leadership Update

With two months having passed since the launch of North Riding FA’s Generation Z Youth Leadership Programme, participants have now had plenty of time to understand and get to grips with the scheme. 

Generation Football is an initiative launched throughout the county, targeting people between the ages of 14 to 25, who want to become more involved within football. 

Each young leader within the programme has been designated a mentor, who have been providing support and guidance to the young leaders. 

Participants have been volunteering within their home clubs, before graduation at the end of the current season. We caught up with some of the young leaders currently on the programme as they continue monitoring their volunteering hours. Read some of their thoughts below: 

“She's really enjoying it, learning new skills, and feels like it's a good thing to spend her spare time on.”

“I am doing training three sessions a week. I'm enjoying it.”

“He’s done 6 hours coaching so far so will hit his 10 hours this Saturday if training is on!”

“He has completed 7.5 hours. He said he is looking forward to hitting his targets and really enjoying it and wants to continue in his achievements.”

If you would like to find out more about Generation Football, please follow the link below.