Kelly Chambers

Gameplan for Growth Review - The Journey to Develop and Grow the Professional Game

The latest instalment of The FA's Gameplan for Growth review reflects on the development of the professional game.

Throughout May and June, The FA has reviewed the impact of The Gameplan for Growth strategy on the women’s and girls’ game.

Launched in March 2017, the strategy pledged to tackle ambitious targets to double participation, double the game’s fanbase and create a high-performance system and world-class talent pipeline for England teams to achieve consistent success on the world stage. After four seasons the strategy is now concluding, and The FA will outline its continued support for the women’s and girls’ game with the launch of the 2020-24 vision in the coming months.

In the final review, The FA looks at The Gameplan for Growth’s journey to develop and grow the women’s professional game in England.

Please click here to download and view the achievements, first-person narratives from Kelly Simmons [The FA’s Women’s Professional Game Director] and David Faulkner [The FA’s Head of Women’s Performance] and four case studies who demonstrate the strategy’s progress.

The story is also told via the video below.