East Middlesbrough Platinum FC

Spotlight - East Middlesbrough Platinum FC

North Riding FA highlights the work of a fantastic club in developing disability football locally.

East Middlesbrough Platinum are an Adult Pan Disability team. 

We spoke to their coach, Dave, about the club. 

Why did you want to set up your club?
I set up the club because I wanted to keep playing disabled football and pass on what I've learnt to others, I wanted to give younger disabled people the opportunity to play football and achieve success.

How did you recruit for your session?
I recruited through word of mouth and on social media platforms such as Facebook. Mostly it was through conversations with disabled people and friends.

What impact has this activity had on your club and its participants?
The biggest impact I think it's had been that not only have the players become close friends and support each other in everyday life as well as on the pitch, but the confidence of several players has improved incredibly. They believe in themselves a lot more than when they first joined and that is the biggest thrill for me as a Manager.

Do you have any top tips for other clubs looking at setting up a disability team?
Biggest tip I can give is don't set up a team or a club with the view of winning at all cost. Set up a club with the values and views of playing the game right and having fun. Teach the players the values of hard work and determination and respect for others. Winning may come it may not but the best thing you can do for your players is give them the chance to enjoy themselves.

To find our more please contact dave_platinum@hotmail.com