Spotlight - Boro Rangers Soccability FC

North Riding FA continues to take a look at some of the initiatives locally that are boosting opportunities for disabled football players.

Soccability explains their project within the region... 

Soccability’s primary aim is to offer football participation no matter what the ability of the young.

Soccability, challenges disability through football. Our squad train every Saturday morning for 2 hours, building strength, stamina, skills and confidence. They are encouraged and challenged in equal amount. 

At Soccability we have been challenging disability through football for ten years now, we started with just a few members, but we have grown in numbers year on year. 

Our primary aim is to offer football participation no matter what the ability of the young person. Through our football sessions we aim to help improve our team members in respect of their physical & emotional wellbeing. Some of the children, although at main stream school cannot take part in team sports activities due to their disability.

We find that we also informally provide a support network for parents and carers of our team members. 

Our club grew out of the unfortunate closing in 2010 of a disability football group which our son attended. We felt that the benefits to our son and other children were so great that we could not let them disappear. 

So, with the support of a handful of like-minded parents we set about developing the club to where we are today. We brought a few footballs and basic equipment; we remain self-funding to this day.

We have seen many boys and girls with a vast range of disabilities, abilities and personal challenges. Some stay a few months; many are with us for years. It is with great pride and humility that we have watched them grow into confident young people with extraordinary determination and stamina levels. 

Our team members have been from a diverse range of background, including looked after children & low social economic backgrounds, all of whom come together with a love of football For some this is the only physical exercise they do each week. 

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