john Darcy

Saturday Adult Appointments Officer Steps Down


Following a few months of discussions, we can confirm that John Darcy, NRCFA Saturday Adult Appointments Officer, has stepped down from the role after 16 months of excellent service due to personal reasons with immediate effect. 

John continued the excellent work from Colin Atkinson in ensuring that we achieved 98% coverage of all games during 2018/19. We have experienced a challenge to the current season in terms of this impressive level of coverage, however John has remained committed and worked extremely hard to ensure as many games as possible can be covered. 

Ross Joyce, North Riding FA Referee Development Manager, has thanked John for his excellent work and commitment over the past 16 months. He said: “I would like to place on record my sincere thanks to John for his first-class work over the past 16 months. His dedication, commitment and efforts have been fantastic for very little reward as a volunteer member of my refereeing workforce, appointing around 360 officials per month. 

"John has worked in extremely difficult circumstances, working many unsociable hours behind the scenes trying to ensure all games take place with a qualified and registered match official. However, due to a change in his personal circumstances, John has reluctantly had to step down from the role.” 

We’re delighted to confirm that following a recruitment process, Matthew Cottingham has been appointed as John’s successor and has commenced in the role with immediate effect following a handover process. 

Matthew can be contacted on the following details for any match official who would like to officiate within Saturday Adult Football within the south of the county (York, Scarborough and wider North Yorkshire area)


Mobile Number: 07736 323771

Ross is pleased that Matthew has agreed to succeed John in the role, and continued: “Matthew was the standout candidate for the role and I am certain he will continue the recent excellent work of John and work hard to try and achieve 100% coverage of all games with a fully qualified and registered referee. 

"Matthew has some great experiences of appointing match officials on a Sunday, so we hope that this experience alongside his local knowledge and passion for the role will make him a success.” 

Following his departure, John said: “Having been in the role for 16 months it was always my intention to continue working with you all to support the York League, Beckett League and Scarborough League. Unfortunately, that has not panned out due to personal reasons. I discussed matters with Ross Joyce and Paul Stalker who were and have remained supportive.

“The decision was to advertise my role and I am happy to report that Matthew Cottingham was successful in the selection process and he will take over the helm, taking ownership of appointments from Thursday 24 October.  I have enjoyed my association with North Riding FA and will continue to support them where I can in the development of referees.

"My thanks to all match officials for their support. My thanks also to the league officers who have worked with me and to the support some have given in trying to meet the demand for referees. I know it was our joint aim to maintain coverage of as many games as possible.

“Finally, my thanks must go to Paul Stalker and Ross Joyce who I have worked with so closely throughout. Their commitment, dedication and professionalism is contagious and I have enjoyed working with them both. I am only sorry I could not continue in the role longer.  I wish Matt all the success and I know you will support him in what is a challenging role.”

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