The FA Issue 'Don't Be That Idiot' Call

The FA has today released a video to highlight the issue of anti-social behaviour across English football. 

Entitled ‘Don’t Be That Idiot’, the short film portrays extreme examples of unacceptable behaviour but within a formal setting to highlight the embarrassment caused.  Each incident is a re-creation of football-related scenes witnessed in recent years both domestically and in Europe. 

The video, which ends with a message from England manager Gareth Southgate, calls on those responsible to follow the lead of others and help make the experience of following English football positive for all.

Martin Glenn, The FA’s CEO, said: “It has been a great season for English football and England but we can’t ignore some of the anti-social and embarrassing behaviour that has crept back into the game.

“There are thousands of brilliant supporters wherever our teams go, but there is an increasing problem that must be called out.  We all have a responsibility to represent the country in the right way and that is what we are trying to highlight."

Deputy Chief Constable Mark Roberts, National Police Chiefs’ Council’s Football Policing Lead, said: “We welcome and support this initiative by The FA as it reflects the frustration we all feel that a small minority’s reckless behaviour ruins the experience for other fans. 

“The reputation of English football fans has been damaged over the years as we often see a stag-do mentality where too much alcohol is consumed, which results in offensive behaviour and disorder. Footage of this is seen around the world, and it creates the perception that all England fans behave in this way when actually the overwhelming majority are great people who want to support the team and enjoy travelling to different places.

“We want supporters to celebrate and enjoy the football but not at the expense of other England fans and the countries that host us.”