Goal Difference

Primary Schools - Help Inspire Children Through Football

North Riding FA is delighted to announce details for its brand-new Goal Difference programme, which intends to encourage positive mental attitude through learning and football within schools throughout the county.

The programme collaborates with schools to introduce a number of ‘attitudes’ that are believed to contribute to the development of positive mental wellbeing in a child’s formative years. It is a whole-school approach to the teaching of six core values that all come together to promote positive mental health within children.

Goal DifferenceGoal Difference is divided into three core elements: Key Stage 1 speaking and listening skills, Key Stage 2 Sports Leadership award and the FA Primary Teachers Award.

Key Stage 1 Delivery

Through the power of story and rhymes combined with the popularity of football, Goal Difference looks to engage children aged five to eight years old in active play and adventure throughout a six-week period. 

Each lesson will be based around engaging rhymes and encouraging children to take part in various activities. At the end of the Half Term, KS1 pupils will have the opportunity to participate in a multi-skills festival planned and organised by KS2 pupils.

At the beginning of the programme each child will also be given a Goal Difference Adventure Booklet which they can take home. Children will be encouraged to complete these booklets which will include literacy and physical activity challenges all based around the programme’s core values.

These values are: resilience, teamwork, self-belief, leadership, respect, well-being.

Key Stage 2 Leadership

KS2 pupils are encouraged to participate in a leadership course which aids them with important life skills and enhances their independent development as a child. This is so that they can effectively plan and organise a multi-skill festival, which the KS1 pupils will participate in at the end of the six weeks.

A different theme will be explored each week and will be linked to the core values of the programme. The themes are: Organisation & Planning, Managing a Game, Working as a Team, Staying Safe, Respecting Others and Becoming a Leader.

The Key Stage 2 pupils will be awarded with a Goal Difference certificate after completing the 6-week programme.

FA Primary Teachers Award

The FA Primary Teachers Award is designed to help with basic awareness and knowledge of the contribution of an Invasion Game (football) to PE and how to actively deliver a session, while linking relevant subject content to supporting pupil learning.

The delivery of this course is six hours, or can be split into two x three hour sessions. There is no limit to the number of staff that can take part in the course.

Programme Overview and Cost

KS1 Pupils  KS2 Pupils  Teacher 
6 weeks of co-delivery in curriculum time to develop physical literacy through football (6 hrs)  6 weeks of delivery within or beyond curriculum time to develop leadership and teamwork skills (6 hrs)  2 x 3hr workshops from:

Curriculum Planning
Assesment in PE
Employment and Deployment of Coaches in School
Physical Literacy and Modified Team Games
Football in School
Multi-skill Festival participation (3 hrs)  Plan and deliver Multi-skill Festival (3 hrs)

The whole package is priced at £900

More information on the Goal Difference programme can be found by downloading our brochure below, produced in partnership with Emmerson Marketing & Underdogg.


To register your interest in Goal Difference, please contact a member of the team on Support@NorthRidingFA.com or 01642 717 775