Wigginton Grasshoppers

Charter Standard Club of the Year: Wigginton Grasshoppers Juniors

Congratulations to this year's Charter Standard Club of the Year, which North Riding FA recently paid a visit to.

North Riding FA paid a visit to Wigginton Grasshoppers Juniors on Saturday 27 October to present the club with its fully-deserved FA and McDonald’s Charter Standard Club of the Year Award.

Wigginton Grasshoppers truly is a community club, operating with full inclusivity. They help members to understand the respect rules and are determined to provide an excellent experience for everyone. In addition, the club is currently setting up a disabled team for children, which emphasises their progressive attitude.

The sheer size of the club for the York area presents its own problems, but the hard work and drive by everyone at Grasshoppers allows the club to grow. More and more players and volunteers want to join the club due to its inclusive, long-term ambitions.

Part of the fabric of the community, Grasshoppers is a central point where everyone can meet up and enjoy a common interest. It’s a warm, welcoming place that invites you in and makes you want to be involved.

Kids are able to make lifelong friends, and learn to play the game they love ‘the Wiggy Way’.

The club continues to grow whilst bonding a community together - this makes them a fully-deserved winner of our Charter Standard Club of the Year Award.

Over the coming weeks, North Riding FA will be presenting awards to all of its 2018 winners. For further details, keep an eye on www.NorthRidingFA.com and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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