Iber Cup 2018

Iber Cup 2018

On Saturday 30th June four of North Riding FA’s match officials will fly out to officiate at the 2018 Iber Cup in Lisbon, Portugal.

Antony Turner, Dean Whitwell, Liam Smith, and Tom Ross will be the four officials who will take part in a first class refereeing experience which over the course of 9 days will give them an opportunity to learn, develop and enhance their refereeing skills. 

Antony, Dean, Liam and Tom have had a successful season both on and off the field resulting in all four gaining promotion to the next level. 
The four referees have been part of the North Riding FA Centre of Referee Excellence (CORE) Programme, which provides ambitious referees within the County the opportunity to attend regular training monthly training camps involving both practical and technical training sessions, as well as the opportunity to officiate with local and semi-professional football. 

The four referees will be joined by our Referee Development Manager Ross Joyce and CORE Referee Coach Steve Rowntree on the trip. 
Ross and Steve will oversee the progress achieved at the tournament and provide the four referees with feedback and advice to aid their development as match officials.
Preparation for the Tournament 

We have held four preparation camps prior to the tournament which have involved fitness sessions, practical game based scenarios, laws of the game examinations as well as sessions on how to overcome communication barriers and refereeing a potentially different style of football to what they usually experience. 

During the tournament we’ll be heavily focusing on developing their leadership and communication skills as well as their levels of mental resilience. 
This is the fourth consecutive year that we have sent a group of match officials overseas to Portugal and we’re looking forward to watching Antony, Dean, Liam and Tom progress throughout their time at the tournament both on and off the field.

Updates will be available on our official twitter account - @NorthRidingFA


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