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60 Second Drills - Through The Legs

We're excited to bring you the newest video in the 60 Second Drills coaching session series, delivered by our partners Discount Football Kits and presented by UEFA Pro License Coach, Louis Lancaster.

This series focuses on 1-v-1 drills that incorporate a range of skill-based attacking and defending scenarios for players to improve their awareness, confidence and ability.

Through The Legs
In this particular drill, one player stands on the goal line with their legs wide open. The other player passes the ball through their opponent’s legs and into the field of play. After regaining possession, the player is then tasked with scoring in the closest goal to them. If the defending player dispossesses their opponent, they have the opportunity to go 1-v-1 shooting towards the farthest goal. This drill tests reactions, agility and speed.

About Louis

Louis Lancaster is an English professional football coach who holds the highest coaching qualifications in the UEFA Pro and Elite Level licences. Born in Barking, England, Lancaster’s previous management experience comprises coaching roles at a number of high-profile clubs including Arsenal W.F.C., Brentford F.C., Portsmouth F.C., Watford F.C. and Shanghai Shenxin F.C.

In 2011, Louis was selected as one of 16 coaches from the past decade to participate in the inaugural FA Elite Coaches Award. He currently serves as Assistant Manager of the Chinese Taipei national team in Taiwan.

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