Scarborough and District FL

Reward and Recognition

For the Love of the Game 

For The Love of the Game is an award scheme that recognises hard-working individuals who go the extra mile to ensure our teams, clubs and leagues can operate within our county.

An estimated 6000 people give up their time every week to help ensure that participants have the opportunity for people to play the beautiful game we all love. Without the time, dedication and commitment volunteers demonstrate every week across our county, clubs and leagues, they would not exist.

Our For the Love of the Game badges will highlight and showcase people's invaluable contributions to their clubs, leagues and community groups.
Nomination – This application opens 3 times a season across our social media channels 

Spotlight Story 

The spotlight piece aims to recognise and showcase clubs which have achieved something which they want to shout about, this can be anything from raising money for a chosen charity to winning a league. This is an ongoing nomination with those nominated being distributed across our social media channels and a highlighted case study on our website. 
Nomination - click here

Grassroots Football Awards

The Grassroots Football Awards are here for you to say thank you to all the people and organisations who give their time to make football happen… our awesome volunteers who give so much week-in, week out, rain or shine. And they are for you, the parents, coaches, clubs, leagues, fellow volunteers, match officials etc to pass on your appreciation. By nominating a volunteer for a Grassroots Football Award, you’re passing on your thanks. For every big and small moment they bring. For their time, energy and ideas. For your appreciation of everything they do in making the grassroots game happen. 
Nomination – This application opens March/ April, with the County FA awards dinner being held in September.

FA 50 Year Service Award 

The FA awards an ‘Order of Merit’ in recognition of the dedication and commitment undertaken by volunteers at grassroots level. To be eligible for this award, the nominated individual must have completed 50 years as a football volunteer, inclusive of playing career but excluding any football played at school under the age of 16.
Nomination – Ongoing, Please email Support@northridingfa