Youth Voice

Youth Voice


Grassroots football clubs are extremely important to a young person’s development; as a sporting participant and a future adult.

Grassroots clubs can help young people realise their potential and shape an individual through their development. The sessions that your clubs run help educate, develop and inspire young people - both in their own personal development, in creating a pathway for the future and in your own club’s progression.

Your football club can have a huge influence on a young person’s childhood and the way that they grow into adulthood. As a football club you have a responsibility for the young people that participate in the club and how they develop. Listening and encouraging young people at your club to voice their opinions makes a much happier environment and changes can be made to suit what your young people want to be a part of. 

The North Riding CFA Youth Council has developed a Youth Voice Toolkit which includes simple methods that aim to engage young people at your club as well as best practice from clubs across North Riding to demonstrate the great work that has already taken place.

To download this toolkit, please us the link below.


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