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Mental Health Champions


At North Riding FA we believe that football does not only positively impact our physical health and fitness, it certainly also improves mental wellbeing. 

We all have our own level of mental health, just as we do for our physical health and with the pronounced impact of the pandemic on people’s overall wellness, we believe this is an opportune time for every stakeholder in our county to pay just as much attention to their mental fitness as their physical fitness. 

Many of our stakeholders struggled during the pandemic due to factors including social isolation, anxiety, bereavement or missed physical activity.

Improving or maintaining emotional health is therefore a key strategic priority within our county. By providing access to enjoyable football-based exercise, we will aim to increase self-esteem and confidence for all, create a sense of belonging and improve social skills for those isolated within grassroots football. For those who seek a profession within football, good physical and emotional wellbeing is also just as important as having the ability to play the game.

Our work with our grassroots community enables us to highlight the subject of mental health with our clubs and leagues, leading to the introduction of our Mental Health Champion programme.

We are encouraging all of our clubs to appoint a Mental Health Champion to support their players, coaches and volunteers.

Funding Available to Support Clubs in Appointing Qualified Mental Health Champion

We have committed to funding one person per affiliated club, to enable clubs to appoint a Mental Health Champion with a recognised qualification.

Simply follow these four steps…

1. Appoint one person at your club to be a Mental Health Champion
2. CLICK HERE and complete the Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity+
3. Send your certificate to  
4. North Riding FA will then reimburse the cost of the course to your club

For any questions you have, please email