Youth Council

Youth Council



The North Riding FA Youth Council consists of a group of young people between the ages of 18-24 who represent children and young people in North Riding, whilst helping to shape and develop the grassroots game for our youngest participants. 

The vision of the Youth Council is to empower and provide a voice for all children and young people to influence change and develop a lasting legacy in football.

This newly appointed team of young people have an impact on increasing the number of children and young people (CYP) participating and volunteering in football, as well as developing a vast CYP network within the North Riding County FA.

Steven Wade, North Riding FA Chief Executive, said: “Grassroots football delivered by North Riding FA and our affiliated clubs is extremely important in helping young people to realise their potential. This inspiring work helps to educate, develop and inspire young people - both in their own personal development, in creating a pathway for the future and our collective progression as mentors.

“The high volume of young people taking part in club-run activity means that feedback is vital in helping us all to shape the resources and the programmes, to ensure that these continue to make a difference. North Riding FA is totally committed to guaranteeing that the voices of young people associated with all programmes and affiliated clubs are heard and remain prevalent in our work.

Youth Council“We value the perspectives and views of all stakeholders and that includes young people – and we aim to ensure there is a constant stream of feedback between our clubs and the young people they serve. So many young people tell us of the huge impact our grassroots programmes have on them, how they have developed as a person, and the personal milestones they have achieved thanks to the guidance they receive from their club staff, who have been there to listen and assist them.

“We cannot underestimate the positive effect that football can have on young people involved in across our county.”

We are still very much open to applications from more young people who want to join this exciting new team. We are looking for young people between the ages of 18-24 from all over the county to represent children and young people and to help shape and develop football in North Riding.

If you would like to get involved, please contact a member of our team on 



Ellie Hall 

I joined the Youth Council because I have always had a passion for sport, in particular football. Being on the youth council allows me to pass on this passion and use my position to improve the provision and opportunities for other young people, to help improve the game

Charlie Wiggan 

I joined the Youth Council because it was a great opportunity to develop myself professionally, but at the same time being able to help other young people in the community through the power of football. 

Harry Twohig 

I applied to join North Riding FA's Youth Council to ensure that the views of young people in sport are represented and considered. Having both played and coached in grassroots in the area, I felt it was important to put young people at the heart of decision making in the county. It's our game as much as it is anybody else’s



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