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Our Strategic Priorities

Drawing on our analysis of the context in which we operate, the challenges facing the communities we serve and the strengths and weaknesses of our current operations, we have identified 4 strategic priorities for the next 2 years.

1. Maintaining the overall number of Affiliated Football participants, managing the decline of male adult players and offsetting this with growth in female adult and youth players. This will include a significant focus on the creation of more female adult and youth teams, disability teams and youth male teams.

2. Growing the proportion of Affiliated Football participants who are members of Charter Standard clubs and leagues with a focus on more diverse playing opportunities, increased player retention and more sustainable environments.

3. Providing participants with transition programmes, pathways and interventions at the appropriate points in their sporting lives with a focus on formats that are less frequent, require less people, require less commitment or require less physical exertion both inside and outside of affiliated football.

4. Monitoring and impact – demonstrating value. We want to clearly demonstrate the value of our work, using monitoring and evaluation of our performance to guide future delivery and increase the long term impact of our activities. 

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