FA Girls Talent Pathway

The FA Girls Talent Development Pathway allows players opportunities to access appropriate levels of coaching and support. This enables the programme to reach the ultimate goal in producing elite English female players to compete on the world stage.

What is a Centre of Excellence? 

A Centre of Excellence (COE) is an enhanced coaching centre for U9, U11, U13, U15 and U17 age groups, players will be accepted into a Centre of Excellence when it is appropriate for the player’s development.   

The Centres will provide excellent training and support. Every player will receive four hours per week training and a weekly regional fixture programme.  

The COE provides you with the support required to be an elite player around all four corners of a player’s development (technical, physical, social and psychological). 

In the North Riding area, we have North Yorkshire Girls Centre of Excellence and the Teesside Sport Girls Centre of Excellence. 

FA Girls' England Talent Pathway

The contact details for North Riding's Centres of Excellence are as follows:

Teesside Sport Girls Centre of Excellence - Paul Kreczak - P.Kreczak@tees.ac.uk - 07432150265 - Centre Manager

North Yorkshire Girls Centre of Excellence - Gail Coiling - gail@gailcolling.orangehome.co.uk - 07870 170251 - Centre Manager

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