Biggest Law Changes in Decades

The International FA Board (IFAB) held in Cardiff on 5, March 2016 approved the most comprehensive revision of the Laws of the Game in IFAB’s 130 year history.

The aim of these changes was to make it easier for everyone involved with football to read and understand the Laws and, to achieve this; the Law book has been restructured and more than 10,000 words removed.


Another aim was to ensure that the Laws are appropriate for football in the 21st Century and changes have been made so that the Laws are up to date, consistent and promote ‘fair play’. 

The changes come into effect 1st June 2016 and North Riding will be holding a series of information and training sessions for clubs, players and media representatives over the next two months.

Likewise, referees will be provided ‘Laws of the Game 16/17 Workshops’ during late July / early August to ensure all of our referees are fully aware and comfortable with the revised Laws of The Game.

Misconduct Reporting

The new Laws of the Game can be found at - 

A number of important and useful documents are available to download below, including:

  • Summary of Law Chamges for Administrators and Organisers
  • Summary of Law Changes for Referees, Players and Coaches
  • Summary of Law Changes – Law by Law

Please note that all Law Changes are effective as from 01, June 2016

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