FA Football Mash Up

Supported by the FA, Football Mash up is all about your mates.your game.your terms. The FA and Vauxhall have come together to offer 14 to 17 year olds a way of playing the game the way you want to. Get your boots on, have a game, show off your skills and learn new ones – this is your sport, Mash it Up and make it your own.

If and when you fancy grabbing some advice or gaining that edge, our Football Mash Up officers - who are FA employed coaches - are on hand to answer your questions and help. 

But, if you’re happy just keeping them to the sidelines, that’s where they’ll stay. They are not there to interfere! More information can be found on the official Facebook page where you can find out the latest events and Mash Ups across the country!

If you have any queries, please contact our Football Development Officer, Steve Dorey, at steve.dorey@northridingfa.com.

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