North Riding FA are committed to developing football for everyone

Equality is about basic human rights and treating everyone equally and in an appropriate way that meets and respects individual needs. It is also about creating a more transparent and fairer society, which will allow people to reach their full potential.

North Riding FA recognises that individuals and communities may experience unlawful discrimination on the grounds of their race or ethnicity, disability, gender (including transgender and transsexual), sexual orientation (homosexual, transgender, bisexual or heterosexual) relationship or marital status, age, HIV status, language, background, physical or mental impairment, faith or religious belief or physical appearance.

We at North Riding FA aims to ensure football can be accessed and enjoyed by all and will challenge equality in all areas of football development and football services. Through equality we aim to create awareness and educate our volunteers, coaches, clubs and leagues that are involved in grass roots football. We also celebrate the diversity of North Riding’s society and strive to promote and reflect this diversity into our county football Structure.

North Riding FA is currently working towards achieving Equality Standard.

To read or download the North Riding FA Equality Policy statement click here

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