FA Level 2

Awarded by 1st4Sport Qualifications and developed in partnership with The Football Association, this course will provide those with an ongoing involvement or experience in football with further development of their knowledge in effectively planning, conducting and evaluating football coaching sessions. Building on the skills learnt in the FA Level 1 certificate in coaching football, the course will provide a deeper understanding of coaching, introducing new theme’s such as looking at different coaching styles and understanding players’ nutritional needs.

Who is this course for?

This course is open to anyone over the age of 16 wishing to further develop their coaching skills through a recognised FA coaching qualification. Typically, if you are a coach who has qualified at FA Level 1 or are an experienced player who is interested in branching out from simply competing to put something back into the sport then this course will be ideal for you. The FA Level 2 qualification is also viewed commonly as the minimum requirement for budding coaches with aspirations to make coaching their profession. Those coaches wishing to progress to FA Level 3 (UEFA B) and beyond must have attained the Level 2 qualification.

What can I expect from the course?

Approx 75 learning hours in duration, guided by an experienced and fully qualified FA Tutor, the course format is split between an initial training period of 47 hours (an introduction evening plus approx 6 full days), followed by approx 55 hours of planned coaching sessions within a/your club. You will then return to your Tutor and course group for a series of ‘Support days’ arranged specifically to give you an opportunity to share and discuss the coaching sessions you have been putting into practice at your club and to help you prepare for your final assessment. The FA Level 2 course will include theoretical (classroom) and practical (coaching delivery) elements.

Theory – Planning & Preparation

The theoretical and planning stage of your football coaching sessions is a crucial part of your role as a Level 2 coach. North Riding FA will provide you with your own personal Candidate Coaching Pack (CP) containing everything you need for the duration of the course and beyond.  

Your pack contents will include;

• All course exercise & session plan templates
• FA Level 2 Coaching Handbook
• Internal and independent assessment tools
• Other FA Learning resources (CD-Rom/DVD), providing you with additional technical references.
Practical – Coaching delivery

You will play an active role in the coaching sessions and also have the opportunity to coach your course colleagues which will allow for your course tutor to feedback to individuals and the group. You will learn to coach the basic areas of ‘technique & skill’ and demonstrate an understanding of linking both to the principles of attack and defence through the use of practices and small sided games.

Support Days

In between the initial training period and your final assessment, you will return with your course tutor & colleagues to pre arranged support sessions (usually 2 separate weekend days). These sessions will be vital in helping you address any challenges or questions you may have in the practical and theoretical aspects of the course before your final assessment. The course tutor will also give you your final assessment topics at your support day.

Your Final Assessment

Prior to taking your final assessment, you will submit your completed CP for review by the assessor. Following this, you will attend two full days (usually over a weekend) with the rest of your course colleagues to deliver a 35 minute assessment which typically comprises of a technical practice, developing into a skill practice before finishing with a small sided game. Once all the coaching sessions have been completed, you will have a personal interview with the course assessor who will inform you of the final decision and discuss your action plan to develop.

Please note; Your final assessment can only take place if you attended all practical course dates in full (inc Support Days), have your CP completely up to date and have all other final assessment pre-requisites including; valid certificates confirming your completion of the FA Safeguarding Children, FA Emergency First Aid workshops and FA Laws of the Game online module.