Whether it is coaching players, referees, youth or adult, male of female football - coaching is a critical part of developing the game throughout the country, and it is no different in North Riding. Any player or referee will tell you, a coach has played a huge part in their development, possibly being the most influential.

Whether playing football professionally, or simply for fun, the game is getting quicker, more technical and certainly stronger, so the importance of a good coach cannot be underestimated. Coaches teach and guide at every level, passing on great knowledge and techniques.

North Riding FA, together with The FA, has an extensive coaching programme, whether for players, referees and even coaches themselves - designed solely to improve all aspects of the game and those who participate within it. There is a series of up-to-date training courses delivering the very latest in coaching techniques and philosophies. These range from Level 1 through to the most advanced UEFA Pro License.

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