Football is played under The Laws of Association Football as laid down by the International Board of the Federation of International Football.

If these laws are broken by those playing the game then there are discipline rules that must be applied by referees and administrators. Football is a very emotive game and people's passions are aroused. It is therefore necessary for referees to enforce the laws and see they are adhered to. Players and coaches have a duty to see the game is played in the right spirit otherwise they will fall foul of the disciplinary punishments as laid down by The Football Association. As a participant in football you are agreeing to be bound by the Rules and Regulations of the Football Association, which incorporates these disciplinary punishments.


The current administration charge for a single caution is £10, and must be paid within 14 days of the Invoice date to avoid any late fines being added.

There is no appeal against a caution except in the case of mistaken identity. Any cases or alleged cases of mistaken identity must be made to the N.R.C.F.A. in writing within 3 days of the match date by the club and the player, and this must be accompanied by the relevant fee: £50 for teams competing at steps 1-7 of the FA's National League System, £30 for teams competing outside the FA's National League System. The matter will then be investigated.


The administration charges/fines for Sending Offs, are dependent on the severity of the offence and the level of football being played, and are imposed in keeping with guidelines laid down by The FA.  These must be paid within 14 days of the Invoice date, however they must be acknowledged/responded to within 7 days of notification giving the details of the games that the player will miss and ensuring that all players details, address and date of birth are completed, and correct.

To avoid further fines, these timescales must be adhered to, whether your Club is Online for Discipline or still receiving paperwork in the post. 

Under the FA's match based discipline process, there is no appeal against a Sending Off, except in the case of mistaken identity or wrongful dismissal, and an automatic Suspension imposed which will start 14 days after the date on which the offence was committed, regardless of whether or not you have received notification from this Association. Failure to comply with this automatic suspension process (ie by the player playing) will result in charges being raised against both the club and player concerned. 

Club secretaries are reminded that under FA Rules they have a duty to notify the County FA if they have not received notification relating to any discipline, within 10 days of the game taking place.


Misconduct by players, clubs, officials and spectators are dealt with by a Discipline Commission, the fines are dependent on the severity of the offence and are imposed in keeping with guidelines laid down by The F.A.  

These charges can be appealed against and there are 4 options on the notification sent to the Club secretary.  The admin fee must be paid along with the relevant paperwork and any documents which the club wish to be considered by the Commission.  The Club will be notified of the outcome of the Commission if they have not requested a Personal Hearing.

Initially it is the club's responsibility to pay the fine, giving full details of the player. Players in open age football (not youth) who are over 16 years of age must then reimburse the club. 


In a case where it is clear the referee has made an obvious error in dismissing a player, (excluding dismissals for the use of offensive, insulting or abusive language/gestures or receiving a second caution in a game) the Player and Club must submit evidence upon which the claim is founded. This must include video/DVD evidence showing the incident if available, to the CFA by close of business on the 4th working day following the match together with the relevant fee (FA NLS teams £50, Non-FA NLS teams £30).

An indication of submission of a claim (by fax/e-mail), must be received by CFA by the 2nd working day after the match to alert CFA that a claim is being submitted. CFA will then assess and advise whether or not the claim has been accepted. Onus is entirely on the club and player to prove the claim.

An accepted claim will then be placed before a Discipline Commission no later than the 8th working day (but in all cases before an automatic penalty is due to take effect i.e. with 14 days of an offence).

The club and player will not be invited to attend the commission, which will be dealing with the level of punishment only.    

The dismissal from the Field of Play will always remain on the record of the Club and Player and be the subject of the administration fee (£10) and the appropriate number of penalty points for a sending off.


The FA have now split the process into 2 parts, 1) Responding to the case, and 2) Payment of the fine.

We do need the full name of the player, address, date of birth, plus any other clubs for which they play. If you are using The Whole Game System (WGS) Online Discipline System you will be able to update players details in your Club Portal.

If you are still receiving paperwork please make sure it is correctly filled in before returning to the County Office.  Failure to carry out either of the above processes will result in a non response fine of £20, even if you have paid the fine. 

If anyone has any queries please give us a call at the County Office on (01642) 717770/ 717773 or info@northridingfa.com

To check on a Player or Clubs Suspensions please click on the Suspensions tab at the top right of this page.

The documents below provide more details on the following, Acknowledging Cautions, Dismissals and a Misconduct Charge, Entering a Suspension, Managing Notifications and Processing Invoices.

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