Affiliation Form Guidance Notes

All Clubs have to submit an affiliation form by 13th June for the coming season. Clubs re-affiliating after this date will have to pay a late affiliation fee as detailed on the affiliation form.

Club Names: The County FA will not accept an affiliation for a Club name that already exists or is of a Club under suspension by this Association. Inappropriate or objectionable names will not be accepted, nor will youth teams be allowed inappropriate sponsorship/name i.e. a Public House, Betting shop etc - if in doubt, ask. Clubs are not permitted to change their name after 1st August in any season. Names similar to existing Clubs should not be used – the name should clearly identify the Club to avoid any misunderstanding.

Secretary’s details: The Club Secretary is the sole contact between Club/League/County FA and it is important that this person is capable of dealing with the Clubs' administration competently. Every Club must have a Secretary, and should this person be replaced, or their details change, then your League and the County FA must be informed immediately in writing giving the full details of the replacement/change. Failure to do so may incur penalties and/or suspension. A Club can only have one Club Secretary who is responsible for the teams listed on the affiliation form.

Treasurer/Chairman/Welfare Officer Details: These MUST be completed in full and if there are any changes we must be informed in writing. These details are entered onto our system as alternate contacts for the Club. 


ALL welfare officers will need to have completed the following in order to affiliate;

1) An accepted FA CRC; 2) The FA's Safeguarding Children Workshop; 3) The FA's Welfare Officer Workshop

We are unable to process your application until this important criteria is reached and this may result in your Club NOT playing football. For details of the next course please contact
Paul Stephenson on 01642 717772 
                                                                                                                                                                                          Team Details – This section must be completed for each team.

Age group – This is self explanatory. If this is adult then ‘Open aged’ should be entered.

Team Name – You will still have the Club name for example Harchester, but may have two open age teams in separate Leagues/Divisions, Harchester First and Harchester Reserves – therefore the teams will be called first and reserves. Also adult teams may be A, B, C teams and this must be indicated. Junior teams are not allowed to be called A, B, C you may have two under 10 teams, one called Harchester Tigers and one called Harchester Lions and this should be entered as Under 10s Lions, and Under 10s Tigers.
For all youth teams please make sure that the correct coach details are recorded against each age group.


Ground Address – This must be completed in full together with the post code.
Gender/Game Type – Please indicate with a tick the category of your team.
Play Day – This is the day on which your team normally plays. If it is midweek, you must indicate the exact day you normally play.
League – Full name of the League in which the team plays and if known the division.
Manager – The details for the manager of the team are to be entered here. We do require all the details completing including date of birth and Post Code.

Fees & Closing Date: Fees and Forms are to be submitted by 13th June of the current season. This gives us time to update the computers, compile the County Handbook and liaise with the Leagues to ensure that all Clubs – old and new - are affiliated before the season starts. Re-affiliation forms received after the 13th June will incur a late affiliation penalty as detailed on the form.

Fees for the coming season –

FA Rules state that, for affiliation purposes, all Clubs must have Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance in place with a minimum Indemnity Limit of £10million for any one accident or occurrence. The FA has also advised that CFA’s must give clubs the opportunity of arranging their own Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance but this must conform with the above limit as a minimum and a copy certificate must be provided for affiliation to be confirmed. As in previous years, the Association can arrange this on behalf of clubs via Sportsguard and, because of the bulk club policy in place, the premium will be £23.00 per club. This level of premium is substantially lower than that which would apply to an individual club arranging its own policy.

Fees will therefore be as follows:-

Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance - £23.00 per Club

Affiliation Fees:-
£  8.00 per Club Affiliation
£37.00 per Adult Team
£20.00 for Veterans Teams
£27.00 per team - Youth teams                                                                                                               
£20.00 per team Small sided Adult teams (including Futsal)
Youth Saturday Club/Training £1.00 per person attending.

Statement of Accounts and County Cups.

Also included in your Affiliation pack are a Statement of Accounts Form and a Cup Entry Form.  Please see below. 

The Accounts Form must be filled in and returned by all existing Clubs and returned to us by 1st August in the current season. Failure to comply by this date will result in financial sanctions so you are urged to return this form as soon as possible (with affiliation form if appropriate) and not wait for the 1st August deadline. Please note that FA Rules state that Clubs must keep a copy of all accounts and receipts for 6 years.
Clubs at step 7 (i.e. Teesside, Wearside & York Minster Engineering Leagues) and above must supply more detailed accounts.

There is a separate entry fee for all Cup Competitions as the affiliation does not include this aspect.  The Cup Competition Entry Form must be returned by 15th July 2016.  Please ensure that you state which team (1st, Reserves etc) you are entering into each competition.Any Club who do not wish to enter any of its teams into any County Cup Competition, will be charged an exemption fee of £10 (except for Clubs seeking exemption from the NR Senior Cup where exemption fees are based on the level of Football played by that Club). Clubs will receive a separate Invoice for this exemption fee after the entry closing date of Friday 15th July..

Please see Cup page for Competition fees.

Non-League Finals Day at Wembley Stadium