All Clubs have to submit an affiliation form by 30th June for the coming season. Clubs re-affiliating after this date will have to pay a late affiliation fee as detailed on the affiliation form. Below are notes for Online Affiliation through WGS Club Portal.

Please note that the generation of the form may be liable to a small pause, particularly for those clubs with multiple number of teams.

Most Clubs will by now have already used their Club Portal. (WGS)

Club Affiliation comprises a number of steps, with clubs providing information about their officers, teams, League that they play in & cup entries, also insurance policies and purchase of affiliation products.

Team Setup – team setup is done automatically by the FA, with teams from the previous season being “projected” into the new season. For each team their default league entry will be assumed to be the same, and so will any county cup entries as long as the team is still eligible for the previous season’s cup (so youth teams will generally not be retained in the same cup). Team officials will be moved along with their new team.

These projected teams can then be amended/removed/added to by clubs within their affiliation form - it is important to note that this projection of teams is only intended to be a starting point for club affiliation – as far as possible reducing the workload for clubs in confirming their teams.

Club Secretary Access to Portal
To access the Portal, club secretaries will need to have their FAN and password (the same password as for Members Services),
• Club portal login: This can also be accessed via the Home page on our website, by clicking on the blue box “Whole Game System 24 hour Admin Portal.”
• FAN ID preferable to email address to login.
• If you don’t have a password or have forgotten it click on the “Have you forgotten your password” link.
• Complete the Password reset form and an email will be sent to the address that is registered with us.
• Once you are into your Club Portal, you are automatically on the Home page. You need to click on the Club Secretary tab (Club chairman if you do both roles) for your Club.
• The left hand column shows you everything you can go into for your Club.
• Go to Affiliation tab and go through steps 1-8.
• All the information contained here is carried over from the current season.
• Team set up is done automatically by The FA, with teams from the previous season being “projected” into the new season.
• Make sure team names are correct ie red, blue, tigers, lions etc and not a, b, c. The name that you use to Affiliate, MUST be the name that you give to your League.
• Youth teams have automatically been moved up 1 year along with their coaches.
• Please note that all clubs with youth teams (under 18 or below) must have a Club Welfare Officer (CWO) in order to affiliate. The CWO must have an accepted DBS Enhanced FA CRC check. They must also have completed The FA Safeguarding Children and Welfare Officer Workshops. For any enquiries regarding this policy, please speak to your CFA Welfare Officer.
• From season 2017-18, if a Club runs one or more teams U18 or younger, their Secretary, Chairman, and Treasurer and Club Welfare Officer must have taken the online “Safeguarding for Committee Members” course (which takes around 40 minutes). The link for this course can be found at :-
• All youth team (Under 18 and below) managers and coaches are required to have an in-date, FA accepted, Criminal Records Check (CRC) (within three years of issue date) at the point of affiliation. Managers and Coaches can be submitted without an in-date, CRC check, but affiliation cannot be approved by the County FA until they have an in-date CRC check (in line with FA regulations).
• An individual cannot be the named manager/coach for more than four teams within the same club, although they can be named as assistant manager/assistant coach for more than four teams.
• Step 4: Adding and removing teams, team officials, and County Cup entries. Please review County Cups for all teams.
• County Cup entry for Adult teams will be assumed to be the same as last season. However please note that, Adult teams will only be allowed to enter either a County or Challenge Cup Competition and not both. Clubs competing in the top division of the NR County League, Wearside & York Minster Engineering Leagues will be permitted to seek entry into The Association’s Senior Cup Competition as well as its Saturday County Cup Competition. Please check and amend where necessary.
• County Cup entries for Junior teams need to be added into team details.
• Any Club who do not wish to enter any of its teams into any County Cup Competition, will be charged an exemption fee of £10 (except for Clubs seeking exemption from the NR Senior Cup where exemption fees are based on the level of Football played by that Club). Clubs to indicate that they are seeking exemption and pay the £10 fee with their Affiliation.
• Please check that the correct League is showing and amend if necessary. (Click on pencil – top right to edit).
• This is especially important for York based Youth teams as WGS assumes that your teams will play in the same League as last season.
• Teams can be added at a later date.
• Please check that information is correct before proceeding to next step.
• Step 5 – Supporting Documentation – PA Insurance is a mandatory requirement for all ADULT TEAMS and must be purchased by 1st July. If taking out CFA recommended Policy with Sportsguard, this is to be paid to CFA at time of Affiliation, or arrange alternate like for like cover. Please note that the increases in PA Insurance is purely down to an increase in Insurance Premium Tax from November 2016. Any club which fails to purchase Insurance by this date will then have its affiliation suspended until such time as it does then complete the purchase and, in addition, the club may be subject to possible CFA disciplinary action for non-compliance.
• PA Insurance for all Junior teams, (which is also mandatory) is included in the Affiliation fee.
• Clubs whose team competes at Step 5 & 6 of the National League System cannot purchase their PA Insurance online because of the level of cover required. You are required to telephone Sportsguard direct on 01604 644 277 to arrange your cover which must be equal to the minimum recommended cover as determined from time to time by The FA.
• Public Liability Insurance must be purchased at Step 5 of the affiliation process or alternatively a Club may take out their own PL Insurance with a minimum cover of £10,000,000, a copy of which must be uploaded to your Club Portal or sent into the County Office.
• Copy of Club Accounts must be uploaded or sent into County Office. A Statement of Accounts Form can be found at the bottom of the page.
Please note Clubs who compete in NLS at Step 7 and above must supply more detailed Accounts.
• At Step 6 you will see the fee of £10.00 for Club name change. Please note this can only be done by CFA so if you are changing your Club name, set quantity to 1, pay the £10 fee and contact the County Office with details of name change and we will do this for you.
• Step 8 is where you will see your Affiliation number for 2017-18, but only when your application has been approved and your Affiliation Invoice has been paid.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the County office on 01642 717770, 717771, 717773.

Affiliation Fees for Season 2017-18

Public Liability Insurance £ 23.00 (per Club)

Club Affiliation £ 8.00 (per Club)
Team Affiliation: (Premier League) £ 92.00 (per team)
(EFL) £ 77.00 (per team)
(Steps 1-4) £ 47.00 (per team)
(Steps 5-6) £ 42.00 (per team)
(Step 7 & below) £ 37.00 (per team)
Veterans Affiliation £ 20.00 (per team)
Disability Team £ 15.00 (per team)
Futsal Team £ 20.00 (per team)
Walking Football £ 5.00 (per team)

U5 & U6 Development Football £ 20.00 (Up to 20 players covered for PAI)
Junior Team Affiliation U7 – U16 £ 28.00 (per Team) Includes Personal Accident insurance.

Late Affiliation Fee (Existing Clubs – after 30th June 2017) £10.00

Club Change of Name £ 10.00

Adult Clubs – Please see attached notes re PA Insurance.

County Cup Fees
Senior Cup £ 60.00
NR Saturday County Cup £ 20.00
NR Saturday Challenge Cup £ 20.00
NR Sunday County Cup £ 20.00
NR Sunday Challenge Cup £ 20.00
NR Ladies Cup £ 20.00

Junior Cups U12-U16 £15.00 per team.
U19 County Cup £15.00 per team.

U12 Boys and U12, U14 & U16 Girls Competitions will be 9v9 format.

By affiliating to North Riding County Football Association you are giving photographic consent for any involvement in County Cup Finals to be photographed and filmed. Please ensure that you have photographic consent for all of your players. Should you not have consent or there are any safeguarding concerns please contact the County FA on 01642 717778 or email

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